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We build scalable revenue ops, customer ops, and
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Accelerating Growth Companies Since 2012

Fractal River partners with exceptional growth startups to help them scale faster. We combine a robust methodology with business & IT consultancy services that build the strategic and operational infrastructure you need. Our main focus is improving your customer journey, helping you become a data-driven organization, and improving your sales, customer success and service delivery operations.

Strategic Alignment

Clarify company strategy and translate it into operational metrics, focusing the team to improve execution and traction.

Customer Journey

Map your customers’ buying and success journeys to improve product/market fit, accelerate sales and improve customer experience.

Analytics Infrastructure

 Implement a Modern Data Stack with a comprehensive analytics strategy to gain visibility, differentiation and create a data-driven company.

Operations & Service Delivery

Implement the right tools and processes to improve customer success, streamline operations and improve customer retention.

Signature Fractal River Approach

Our focus is optimized for startups in the scale stage. We understand well the challenges of a growing organization:

  • Strategic:  We understand your business context and priorities, aligning our work with the company’s strategy to ensure we deliver measurable, relevant outcomes.
  • Experienced: Our team has deep experience in Strategy, Sales, Operations, Analytics, Technology, Product and Customer Experience – we understand how the pieces fit and have done it before multiple times with companies like yours.
  • Short and long term: We build a foundation for scale, helping you create the metrics, processes and tools you need to take your company to the next stage and beyond – while at the same time delivering quick wins that tackle your immediate needs.
  • Part of your team: We work as a fractional Growth Team, complementing your organization to implement best practices. We don’t “consult”, we get things done. In parallel, we train your developing team to do them so they can take over as your company grows.
  • Tooling: We help you implement the right technologies for scale, avoiding costly rework and bottlenecks further down the road. Because we work with many growing companies, we can tell you what will work best for you and why – and avoid wasting precious capital.

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