It All Starts With Clarity. 

Through our Fractional Growth Team program, you add a team of seasoned executives to your team that help you identify areas of opportunity, think through the challenges the company is facing and implement the best solutions. They also leverage Fractal River capabilities to help you implement best practices, accelerate growth and create a high-performance organization.

Growth Strategy and Alignment

Customer Experience Management

Product-Market Fit

Sales Acceleration

Scalable Operational Excellence

Growth Strategy and Alignment 

We help you prioritize work, align the company, measure progress and develop a high-performance culture.

Use clear frameworks to define growth priorities. Define horizons that boost your funding strategy. Create integrated planning models that allow you to optimize capital and resource allocation. Increase your company’s focus and sharpen execution by creating the right KPI dashboards. Create robust objectives and key results (OKR) to align your team, backed by performance management, compensation and operational review processes that create a great culture.

Sales Acceleration

Sell more, sell faster, and for more value by optimizing your sales and marketing funnel and go-to-market processes.

Leverage world class methodologies and exploratory analytics to translate customer needs and behaviors into actionable insights that improve product positioning precision. Identify the fastest channels to ramp customer demand and lower your overall cost of acquisition. Improve pipeline management, quota attainment and sales productivity with robust sales processes and tools. Use data-driven, high velocity testing and learning processes to increase the number of qualified leads, optimize conversion rates and increase win rates.

Product-Market Fit

Build a winning product that customers love to buy.

Improve your product and service development processes by implementing Agile methodologies with a systemic approach. Clarify your product roadmap and create quantitative models to analyze development priorities. Develop productized services to complement your offering and create a comprehensive solution that delivers a total customer experience.

Customer Experience 

Know your customers and create a great experience to reduce churn and instead turn them into evangelists.

Understand your customers better and improve segmentation using both qualitative and quantitative data analytics.  Discover personas and their key value drivers. Measure customer feedback and implement metric-driven, systematic processes and predictive models to improve adoption, drive retention and reduce churn. Deliver a great experience across your entire customer journey to turn your customers into evangelists.

Operational Excellence at Scale 

Build scalable processes and systems to reduce waste, accelerate ramp-up time and maximize operational efficiency.

Accelerate team productivity ramp-up with clear onboarding processes and training. Reduce waste and improve organizational clockspeed with advanced process management that empowers your team, improves communication and provides clear accountability in day-to-day operations. Leverage automation and predictive analytics to create competitive differentiators. Discover the capital-to-growth formulas you need to scale by creating repeatable processes that associate outcomes with performance, cost and capacity metrics.

Scaling Your Company Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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