About Us

Our History

Fractal River was established in 2012 with the purpose of helping companies drive innovation, growth and customer experience through the application of technology, expertise, and operational excellence.

Today’s business environment is accelerating due to the combined impact of Globalization and Technology. Ecosystem after ecosystem is being disrupted, and markets have become a shifting business landscape where profit pools are migrating, new competitors appear unexpectedly, and the future is no longer predictable by extrapolating from past history.

As traditional paradigms and value chains get transformed, incumbents and large corporations are very often slow to react and not adapting fast enough, which is why a vast amount of the value created in the last decade has come from new companies.

This environment represents a particular opportunity for emerging growth companies: Startups (new ventures) and Growups (companies that have received institutional funding and are on accelerated growth paths).

For Startups, the challenge is not easy: over 90% of Startups fail. Sometimes the reason is that the market is not there – but more often than not, they fail because they make preventable mistakes. Startups need to do a few things right:

  1. Find a problem worth solving
  2. Identify who has this problem, mapping clearly target customers and users
  3. Develop a unique solution to their problem and a compelling value proposition around it
  4. Create a Product with defined features that can repeatedly solve this problem for them

Growups, on the other hand, have significantly more resources and momentum and can scale significantly, but they frequently are unable to do so unless they are able to do these things right:

  1. Align their strategy to the right target market and fine tune their value proposition
  2. Develop a repeatable, scalable, sales and marketing go-to-market model centered around their customers’ buying journey
  3. Create compelling end-to-end customer experiences that reduce churn and drive loyalty
  4. Build a solid team that can support growth – with the operational frameworks, tools, metrics and processes needed for agile execution.
  5. Constantly evaluate and reallocate capital in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our team has coached and helped a large number of Startups and Growups through the past eight years. We have looked at many concepts from well-known methodologies – but found most came up short as they didn’t have the holistic focus emerging growth companies need and many are suitable only for Startups, but not for Growups.

Over time, we saw the same topics and themes occurring again and again in multiple companies, and built a strategic and operational methodology to address them. The framework is Fractal 360 and its application process is what we call Venture Growth Design.

Fractal River was created to help Growups (and in some exceptional cases, Startups) achieve accelerated growth, combining advanced tooling technologies with a robust, proven methodology with a very specific blend of senior advisors with extensive experience, strong strategic and operational skills, and who are in constant touch with the evolving technological landscape and have a dynamic, inquisitive, driven nature.